Protein fudge: Kill sweet tooth cravings

1 scoop chocolate whey

2tbsps water mix to make a fudge and enjoy

Protein pancakes

1 scoop vanilla whey

2 egge whites

mix and cook in a pan like a pancake

A cup of coffee an hour before a workout helps blunt muscle fatigue and provides extra energy

Zero carb french toast:

Julians bakery zero carb bread dip this in a bowl of egg whites with vanilla extract and stevia then grill in a pan

Cooking oils

When heating oils olive oil tends to lose its omega 3 profile I prefer to cook with coconut oil


Olive oil is good for salads


Try making simple adjustments like substituting bread or tortillas with lettuce leaves. Try to keep flour intake to a minimum replace with oats or rice or even Ezekiel breads


Watch out for the high sugar content in fruits


Grapefruit not grapefruit juice in the morning can help release old fat stores.